Owl’s Head WPCP

When you want to build something in NYC, even something as simple as a new fence, your design often has to go through an approval process where it gets vetted by the community, the Public Design Commission, or sometimes both. I recently did this fun little 3D model to prove that “scenic” views of the Owl’s Head Water Pollution Control Plant wouldn’t be ruined by a new utility valve station and security fence. Here’s the “before,” and the digitally rendered “after.”

Render background

gas metering station

While on the site to take a couple photos, I got a quick tour of the facilities, which was pretty gross/fascinating. Here’s a little clip of the first step in the waste water treatment process. Sewage passes through vertical bars which catch the big stuff (paper, leaves, the occasional diaper, etc.) The bars are repeatedly raked clean and debris is sent to landfill.


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